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This is the garage server website of the Steve Karg family. Let me explain. I set up this Apache web server in my garage using an old 80486 IBM desktop computer and Slackware Linux. Later I converted the 80486 to a firewall/router. I used Debian GNU/Linux and a PIII-666MHz box that my neighbor tossed over the fence to me. After a couple of years the hardware became unreliable, so I used a cast off Pentium II 450MHz PC from my friend Michael, and converted it to run Ubuntu Server. The CPU fan became noisy and I expected it to fail, so I ran a cast off Pentium III 800MHz PC from my friend Richard. Then I retired that PC to save some energy and used a Dell Latitude laptop. The laptop bacame unreliable so I am now using a Raspberry Pi and Raspian.

I initially registered the domain karg.us at Address Creation. I now use GoDaddy for my domain registrations. My internet access uses DHCP and my IP address changes occasionally, so I use the free service at ZoneEdit to keep my IP address updated. They have a great FAQ that tells how to do it all.

I then changed the DNS at my name registrar to point to ZoneEdit's DNS. I used to run a small perl script that is now packaged in Debian GNU/Linux called ddclient that goes to ZoneEdit, looks at my IP address and compares it to the one that it has cached. If it has changed, it updates the DNS entry at ZoneEdit. You could also use the dynamic DNS support built into IP-Cop. I now use the dynamic DNS services built into my Buffalo router DD-WRT, and configure it to utilize DNS-O-Matic.

I use an alternate port (8080) for web services since port 80 is sometimes blocked at the ISP. ZoneEdit has a virtual webserver that redirects requests for www.karg.us to karg.us:8080. Apache Listen options for both ports: one for port 80; one for port 8080.

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